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ENDOMIC: An exhaustive meta-analytic review documenting a mysterious “women’s” issue, otherwise known as endometriosis.[1] 

[1]term used to describe a clinical etiology that thus far has only been identified in primates with a female reproductive system, an anatomical structure of decidedly lower importance in comparison to those of the male primate.

In the fall of 2020, I participated in the 13th Annual Imagine Film Festival’s Symbiosis short film competition. I partnered with Camille Hollett-French to make a film that expresses our frustrations about endometriosis from multiple perspectives. Camille is a Vancouver-based filmmaker who herself has endometriosis. The end product is ENDOMIC, a “documentary” through the lens of satire about modern medicine’s and society’s take on endometriosis. Using a mock-meets-doc format, the film weaves in real patient experiences in parallel with a narrative exploration of its history in the scientific literature, disparities in diagnosis and treatment, and lack of research funding, to raise awareness and help sense-making for patients. We crafted its satirical story-telling using content from published peer-reviewed research and real patient experiences (even though some of them sound fictional at times!). It features some of my recent research which reports findings from Phendo demonstrating how mobile health technology and direct patient input can be used to improve our understanding of endometriosis. The film also discusses inclusive medicine and healthcare, a first in this realm, and about a third of the production and acting crew include members with endometriosis in real life.

Much to our excitement, ENDOMIC had its world premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival, which took place during February 12–25th. The film was screened in the festival’s first ever Unstoppable program for films by filmmakers with visible and non-visible disabilities.


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Press Release

Media Coverage

  • Here is a very nice recent review of ENDOMIC by Michael McNeely (@michaeldmcneely) in Film Threat.
  • Our interview with Joe Compton for Indie Go Now about the world premiere of ENDOMIC at the 2021 Slamdance Festival is now available online.
  • Our interview with Shania and Evita on their podcast (@Women Making it in Film). Not only are their show notes incredible, they were also truly ahead of the game with their timing when they published this episode to kick off March, which is endometriosis awareness month. Thank you for having us!

    image credit: making it: women in film podcast

    (image credit: making it: women in film podcast)

  • We had a blast with the lovely Sabrina Furminger (@sabrinarmf) on her podcast YVR Screen Scene (@yvrscreenscene). We had a blast talking about ENDOMIC, its Slamdance debut, and our journey as creators. Thank you for your engaging questions, perceptive review, and for sharing the #endorage
  • It was great pleasure to meet and chat with Peter (@peteybeats) at Popternative (@popternative). Thank you for having us and your fantastic energy!
  • Slamdance’s Unstoppables program was mentioned in Hammer to Nail as the festival began.
  • A piece from us describing how ENDOMIC came to be conceptualized and our plans as directors.
  • ENDOMIC was selected to ReelAbilities Toronto, held May 26-31st virtually in 2021. The Festival showcases films on themes of disabilities or by filmmakers with disabilities.
  • ENDOMIC has been selected to Dances with Films 2021! Taking place during August 26th-September 12th, the LA-based festival will be held in-person this year.
  • ENDOMIC has been accepted to Not Film Fest 2021 in Italy for its European premiere! Taking place in-person during August 24th-26th, the festival’s first release was just announced.
  • ENDOMIC most recently returned from Loudoun Arts Film Festival (LAFF), held in Loudon County, VA September 10-19th. Held under the umbrella of the Loudoun Arts Council, LAFF is a non-profit organization serving as an international platform for independent filmmaking.
  • Ipek Ensari

    Awareness Film Festival 2021

    ENDOMIC has been announced among the official selections by The 12th Awareness Film Festival! This festival is organized by Heal One World, and aims to spotlight film-makers committed to making positive change throughout the world. This year’s event is held October 21st-November 1st in 2021 Los Angeles.


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