Ipek Ensari

credit: Pam Pasco (@pamash)

Hi, I am Ipek. I am an Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Human Health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and the Hasso Platner Institute of Digital Medicine at Mount Sinai. Previously, I was an Associate Research Scientist at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University in New York City. I use mHealth and machine learning-based approaches to investigate physical activity for self-management of chronic symptoms like pain and anxiety. I focus on women’s conditions (endometriosis) and populations that are at greater risk for inequities with respect to adequate healthcare access (e.g., LGBTQ, racial/ethnic minorities). My research revolves around the philosophy of “digital data for good”- maximizing the health benefits provided to the user/patient from their digital data obtained through in-the-wild sensing and self-tracking via mHealth apps. This involves taking a user-centered approach to the design of the mHealth technology, as well as provision of interpretable communication of their digital data.