I have been co-directing the DSI Data Science Bootcamp for the Obama Foundation Scholars since 2018, which will occur as a virtual 2-week bootcamp this fall. The goal is to strengthen the scholars’ data literacy, understanding of the field of data science, and learn to collaborate with data scientists in a data-driven decision process. Together with my colleague Dr. Vince Dorie, we plan the schedule of didactic lectures, hands-on data science activities for the scholars, and also help them prepare a “pitch” on their social impact project to present to members of the campus. I teach exploratory data analysis and data visualization, and also facilitate activities on algorithmic bias.


Columbia Alumni STEM Day. In June 2019, DSI participated in the Annual Columbia Alumni STEM Day for the first time. I organized and led a team of students representing the DSI at this event to create an interactive project using data from the NYC open data website. The aim was to introduce kids to the field of data science,  help them better understand how to visualize and interpret data, put it into context and disseminate their findings. This project later led to a white paper submitted to the Computing Community Consortium, co-authored by me and led by one of the doctoral students involved in the project. Discussing use of open data sources and software for civically engaged education programs in schools, this paper won an award for best paper in the Fall of 2019. Following this, I led a workshop for school teachers at Teachers’ College based on this STEM Day project.


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